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AEGEE is a European student organisation with approximately 13.000 members all over Europe, from Tallinn to Tirana and from Moscow to Madrid. The department in Utrecht has around 300 members, that go to weekly social drinks, are in committees and undertake a wide range of activities. Also, as an organisation that is truly European, we regularly organise city trips and hitchhiking competitions!

AEGEE-Utrecht has a diverse members pool, from Medicine to History and Human Resource Management to Geology. Throughout the year everyone is welcome at AEGEE. The association is easily accessible and offers members many opportunities without any obligations. The thing that every AEGEE-member shares is an interest in the unknown, curiosity in other cultures and habits; they are always ready for a new challenge or an adventure.

AEGEE does not only exist in Utrecht. AEGEE is a European student organisation founded in 1985 in Paris. Approximately 13.000 students (about 300 in Utrecht) are part of the AEGEE-network, via one of the local departments that are spread out over 200 cities in 41 countries. AEGEE strives for a Europe without borders that collaborates intensively. Cultural exchange is especially important for students, in order to appreciate cultural differences and create mutual understanding. The current focus areas are: Equal Rights, Civic Education, Youth Development en European Citizenship. These topics are seen as the most significant challenges that Europe is currently facing; many events organised by AEGEE departments therefore include them. Events such as the YVote project, in which European youths are stimulated to vote during the European elections, and for example the Europe on Track project, which surveys the opinion of Europeans while travelling through Europe and won the European Charlemagne Youth Prize in 2013.

The AEGEE departments also organise trainings, symposia and other events which all members of the AEGEE network can join. These events are easily accessible and affordable, which results in a diverse group of participants. This broad network gives members travel opportunities almost every week, varying from more ‘serious’ to fun events for meeting people from all over Europe.

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Call for other AEGEE-locals

We would like to organize events together with other AEGEE-locals, so if your local is interested in organizing something together let us know at info@aegee-utrecht.nl! This could be online events, trips but also other kinds of events.